Dear Light Group,

A theme that Jim Goure returned to time and again was that of separation.  Jim rarely used the word “sin,” but he did say that, if there is such a thing, separation would be it.  
Separation he defined as thinking that we are separate from anything.  He said that we separate ourselves from all of the kingdoms–the man, plant, animal, mineral, and angelic kingdoms.  
Jim noted that the Bible states that God gave humans dominion over the kingdoms of Earth, and Jim said, “Our original dominion is restored when we realize we exist as Light and Love in and through all that is.”
Instead of existing as Light and Love, “we are involved…with the plus-minus world.”  That is a mindset that finds things either attractive or disagreeable.  In that mindset, we try to attract the things we like and keep at a distance the things we don’t like.  
Returning again to the Bible, Jim also described the plus-minus world as being involved with the knowledge of good and evil.  “The end result of exploring good and evil,” said Jim, “is death and death and death again.  Every time we are involved…with the plus-minus world, we begin the process of dying.  Everything within us begins to die….”
Those are strong words.  The intention is to shake us out of normal modes of thinking and feeling and direct us towards the Light: “Everyone is dead until they begin to climb the Tree of Life.”
This is much easier said than done.  It requires ceasing judging.  When we judge something – whether it is the weather or another person or another country – we are back in the plus-minus world.  
Climbing the Tree of Life also means getting out of our minds, getting beyond conceptual thinking.  Jim once asked, “Does God think? N. O.”  God Is.  God creates.  When we see ourselves and others as separate, solid things, we have separated ourselves, and in the Divine there is no separation.  There is only the Divine in everyone and everything.  All other concepts are fictions.
So to return our consciousness to the inner Garden of Eden, to the Tree of Life, you might want to try these prayers:
  • The Creator and I merge as One.
  • The Creator in me merges with the Creator in ____________ [pick another person, place, or thing]
  • I am one with all that is.
  • Divine Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit are in everyone and everything, and I am one with that Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit.
  • There is only That, the Divine, in all that is.  Thank you, God, for making it so.
Love and Light,