Dear Light Group,

There is a great need for harmony. Harmony among people. Harmony among nations. Harmony between the man kingdom and the other kingdoms of Earth.
We can elevate harmony for all by first finding it within ourselves.  
The beauty of the Divine is that there is no one way to achieve inner harmony. There are many different techniques for doing so. At a basic level there is what the Buddhists call shamatha or “calm abiding”–in which there is a single-pointed meditation, with the focus most frequently being on the breath. In the 1970s a young American asked a Tibetan holy man what the benefits of meditation were, and the answer was that you become less of a nuisance–to others and to yourself. So a starting point for harmony can simply be to become less of a nuisance–to society as well as oneself–by meditating regularly.
Others may find their way to harmony through sound. Some like to repeat the cosmic Om. Others have a mantra that they repeat. Catholics pray the rosary. Christians sing hymns. Hindus chant bhajans.
Still others gain their sense of harmony from being in nature. American Indians in particular have emphasized harmonizing with Mother Earth. United Research has made several prayer missions to the Hopi Indian reservation in Arizona. The Hopi are known for their dances, in which they harmonize with the spirits of Earth.  On one of United Research’s trips to the Hopi Indian reservation, White Bear, a man who collaborated on The Book of the Hopi, told us that, with every step he takes, he is consciously blessing Earth.
Then there is prayer, which affords us the opportunity to harmonize with the Divine. Jim Goure opened his lectures with this prayer: “Thank you, God, for bringing us together in Thy Light and Love, that we may come to know Thee in all Thy ways. Open our hearts and minds and souls to Thee.  Amen.” If we come to know the Divine, and if we open our hearts and minds and souls to the Divine, surely we will be harmonized with the will of the Divine.
So this Saturday pick your preferred means of harmonizing–whether it be meditation, song, chant, dance, prayer, or merging with spirits of Earth. Use this Saturday to go deeply into your preferred practice. And then, as you feel your session drawing to a close, give thanks: “Thank you, God, for harmonizing me with Thee.  Thank you, God, for this oneness with Thee. Thank you, God, for this oneness with all life.  Amen.”
Love and Light,