Dear Light Group,

United Research and the Light Center have a fantastic, uplifting story to tell. People have been healed of physical illnesses. People have been healed of mental and emotional trauma. Family relations have been healed. People have gotten off drugs and have turned their lives around. People have embarked on missions of helping others.

This magic was at its peak while Jim Goure was alive. The love and encouragement (and sometimes sharp poke!) that he gave us helped all of us move to a higher level.

But it wasn’t just Jim who was helping to elevate people. Each one of us has played a role. Each one of us has uplifted others.

In the press of our daily concerns, we may neglect to recognize this. We may neglect to see the good that we have brought into the lives of others.

So let us take a few moments this Saturday to appreciate ourselves and the Light and Good that have radiated through us.

To do that, you might want to try a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for _______________ [go ahead, use your own name!]. Thank you, God, for the Light and the Good that have radiated through this being. Thank you, God, for the Goodness that this being has brought to planet Earth.”

Next, you might meditate on this Goodness: “Thank you, God, for revealing to me the Goodness that I have brought to Earth.” Just keep repeating that prayer until things are revealed to you.

Then close by recognizing, as Jesus himself did, “I of mine own self do nothing. It is the Divine within that has done everything.” You might try this: “Thank you, God, for Thy Goodness, flowing through me and through everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for the expansion of this Goodness, that all may know Thee and the glory of Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy Truth, Thy Spirit, Thy Beauty, Thy Peace, and Thy Joy.”

Love and Light,