Dear Light Group,

We love to improve ourselves. Or at least spend money trying to improve ourselves. We spend great amounts of time and money on weight reduction pills and books and programs. We join gyms to exercise and yoga classes for health. We go to seminars that promise to help us become rich, attractive, and loved.

Relative to the billions and billions of dollars spent on these self-development programs, there is relatively little spent on how to have a great family, much less how to have a family centered on the Divine. Perhaps the assumption is that this is self-evident. But if that’s the case, why are so many families such a mess?

There are many benefits of having a family. One is that we outgrow our self-centeredness. By caring for our children and our spouse, we are able to step outside of egocentric existence and feel a flow of love to others.

Another benefit of being a member of a family can be Oneness with the Divine. The vibrations of family members can be more similar than those of non-family members, which itself is a form of oneness. This can be a starting point for directing our energies towards Oneness with the Divine.

A young couple with an objective of achieving Oneness with the Divine can accomplish this goal by praying together. When they are ready to conceive a child, the man and woman can, through prayer, send a call for an appropriate being to be born into their family.

If, during the nine months of pregnancy, the mother and child-to-be are surrounded by beauty and if disturbances are prevented, this can help bring forth a wonderful child.

Once the baby is born and for several years thereafter, the child should be provided with beauty and exposure to nature.

As the child reaches school age, it should receive not only intellectual education but also spiritual education. This can be accomplished by practicing prayers such as the Effective Prayer with the child and by teaching the child a spiritual way of life.

In this kind of atmosphere, the family works towards unity with the Divine and it grows into a more spiritually advanced unit. That, in turn, advances all of mankind. The members of this kind of family know their reason for existence is to help others. That is what we are here for.

Prayers that can help bring this new kind of family into existence include:

  • Thank you, God, for bringing the Divine family to planet Earth. Thank you, God, for blessing every family that is making an effort to live according to Thy Divine principles. Bring these families the strength, the insights, and the love they need to achieve Oneness with Thee.
  • Thank you, God, for giving me the knowing that I am a member of Thy spiritual family, that I am connected with like-minded beings, and that we are one with Thee.
  • Thank you, God, for the Divine family of humankind, for our Oneness with Thee, for this opportunity to help each other, and for this opportunity to realize that there is no separation between us: We are all one with Thee.

Love and Light,