Dear Light Group,

There are times when a door closes on us. There are times when several important doors close on us simultaneously. We feel that we must continue with the pattern of living that has been laid out for us. But we’re blocked from following that pattern. Most often the reason for that is that the pattern isn’t the right one for us.

An example of this would be people who lose husbands or wives through death. The ones left behind feel they have to continue the same patterns they were in before their spouse’s death. But things have shifted. The old patterns are no longer effective.

When people try to maintain patterns that are no longer effective, it’s as if they are butting their heads against a wall. Nothing seems to be happening, and everything seems to be going wrong.

So how can we move ahead when it feels as though we’re in a desert and nothing is happening?

Talking with people who are empathetic, but who also will challenge our thinking can be helpful. If they are people who, rather than giving us the answers, are careful listeners who ask questions that get us to articulate our situation and our dreams and who get us to think of actions we can take to realize our dreams, they can be of tremendous benefit. They can also help us if they keep us rooted in reality, in what is doable.

Prayer can also be useful in opening closed doors. But the prayer to start with is a difficult one for many people facing challenges. To begin opening the door, just say, “Thank you, God.” Say it a thousand times. “Thank you, God, for this situation. Thank you, God, for everything that I have. Thank you, God, for what I do not have.” Say it a thousand times. Repeat it over and over. And the door will open.

But it will be a different door than the one you have been programming for yourself, the one you think is the right door. By saying, “Thank you, God” over and over – a thousand times, maybe a million times – another door will open. It may or may not be the door you wished for, but it will be a more brilliant, light-filled door than your old one.

So let go. You Are. There is nothing outside of you that can make you Divine. There is nothing that delays your spirituality except your ability to accept. It’s here. It’s now.

Love and Light,