Dear Light Group,                                                     

Life seems to go in cycles, and this week’s cycle, for me, has meant confronting the deaths of acquaintances.

I like what Jim Goure said about death: “There is no death. There is only life.”

Jim also told us that, “We appear to die physically. And yet, we have so many examples of the opposite, like Jesus proving that you can’t die physically. There is no way you can die. Some people are able to communicate with those who have passed on. This brings a realization that there is no death.”

I would appreciate your prayers for Ludee Kudera, a Filipina with whom I have worked. She died last night after a lengthy, and at the end, quite painful, experience with cancer. She was a lovely person with whom I enjoyed working.

A suggested set of prayers would be:

Thank you, God, for welcoming Ludee into Thy Love. Bless and surround her with Thy Light and Thy Love and Thy Peace.
Thank you, God, for the Divine Comforter being with Ludee’s family, that they may know that Ludee is at Peace with Thee. Thank you, God, for being with Ludee’s family, that they may know the Light is within them.
Thank you, God, for reminding us of the continuity of life, for reminding us that there is no death, that there is only ongoing Life and Love.
Thank you, God, for all of the departed and for their having taught us, in their own way. May they be filled with Thy Spirit, Thy Love, Thy Light, and Thy Joy.
Thank you, God, for all who live on Earth. May our time here be filled with a reverence for life and for each other, and may our time here be filled with a knowing that we are one with each other and one with Thee and that there is no end to this Life, this Love, this Light.

Love and Light,