Dear Light Group,

One of Jim Goure’s more compelling – and challenging – lectures was simply entitled, “Why? Why? Why?”  He began that lecture by saying, “The most frequent question I get is, ‘Why?’”  Some of the questions he’d gotten included:
  • “I’ve been praying, and yet I got sick.  Why?”
  • “I have listened to all the great gurus.  I’ve read all the books.  I’m still the same.  Why?”
  • “Why would the Creator take someone’s life?  Why?
  • “Why am I on planet Earth?  It seems hopeless.  Everything is wrong.  The world is all wrong.  I’m all right – it’s the world that’s wrong.  Why?”
Jim’s response to these questions was to paraphrase Jesus: “’Everything that happens is for the glory of God.’  Everything is for the glory of God.”
Everything?  Really, Jim?
He was adamant: yes, everything.
When it comes to personal hardships, Jim’s advice was to think of the glory of your becoming a new type of being and to give thanks to God for that happening.  Give thanks that you are changing and that this change indeed is a glorious thing.  “Every experience is a glory,” said Jim, “if we can see that.”
If we are able to stay in the consciousness that everything is for the glory of God, then we develop a knowing – not an intellectual concept but a deep knowing – that God is in the universe and that God is in everyone and everything.  There is no place that God is not.
Jim summarized his advice: “So, accept whatever happens as the glory of God, as the glory of yourself, as the enhancement of yourself.  The glory of God is not limited.  The more we become aware that happenings are for the glory of God, the more we have Energy, the more we have Life, the more we have the ability to accomplish the things that Jesus did or greater.”
To get into this consciousness, Jim suggested that we simply say “Thank you, God” a million times a day – no matter what happens.  He also suggested that, every time we look into a mirror, we declare to that image, “You are the living Christ.”  Declaring it so makes it a reality.  Then expand the prayer to declare that the Creator is in all people, filling them with Love, healing them, and directing their lives to Light.
If you would like to experiment with this approach, think of a situation. Then declare, “The Creator in me fills me with Light and Love.  The Creator fills all those involved in this situation with Light and Love.  The Creator changes the consciousness of all people so they become aware of the Good coming from this incident.  The Creator changes the negative thoughts and negative emotions of this situation to Light and Love.  The Creator changes the consciousness of aggression to Light and Love and Peace.  The Creator creates Light and Love and Peace in and around Earth.  The world is filled with Light and Love and Peace.  The consciousness of all humans is changed to Light and Love and Peace.”
Love and Light,