Dear Light Group,

I have had prayer requests for healing from Light Group members, so for this Saturday’s session, let us do a deep dive into healing prayers.

The fundamental question in healing is whether we are treating the symptoms of the disease or its cause.  The symptoms of a cold or of the flu can be coughing, weakness, a fever.  The medical explanation for the cause of the flu is that a few types of virus are the culprit.

Spiritual leaders such as Jim Goure would say that an even more basic cause of disease is a lack of love.  Do the stresses from not feeling loved leave us more vulnerable to the viruses that cause the flu or more vulnerable to the causes of any number of diseases?

For the sake of our prayers this Saturday, let’s work off of the principle that it is, indeed, a lack of love that causes most diseases.

Before praying for the healing of others, let’s strengthen ourselves.  To do so, you might want to try a prayer such as, “I am one with the Light.  Every cell within me is filled with Light.  Every cell within me is charged with Light Energy.  At all times and in all places, I am Divinely loved.  The Divine loves me no matter what I have done.  That Divine Love lives within me.  I manifest that Divine Love for the good of everyone and everything.”

Next, you might expand your prayers to include others: “Into this center of Light and Love, I place my loved ones, so they, too, can be touched and changed.  Into this center of Light and Love, I place my home.  Into this center of Light and Love, I place the city in which I live.  Into this center of Light and Love, I place the United States.  Into this center of Light and Love, I place all nations.  Into this center of Light and Love, I place planet Earth.  The entire planet is filled with Christ Light.  Only the Light of the Christ can come to Earth and only the Light of the Christ can be here.  Everyone and everything on Earth is being touched by the Light and the Love of the Christ.”

Now, on to the specific requests of our Light Group members.  Jacquelyn has written that her sister-in-law, Diana Sendak, is in intensive care.  A suggested prayer for Diana would be: “The Creator in Diana Sendak fills her with LIght and Love, heals her, and directs her life to Light.”

A second healing request comes from Sandra, who has asked that we pray for those affected by the Fukishima nuclear accident, specifically children who may have contracted cancer.  Eight years ago there was an earthquake that resulted in a tsunami that in turn led to the breakdown of a nuclear power plant in Fukishima, Japan.  From the earthquake and tsunami alone, over 15,000 people lost their lives.  In subsequent years, there have been concerns that radioactive contamination may have resulted in higher-than-normal instances of cancer in children.  

A prayer that you might consider for the Fukishima situation would be: “The Creator fills all those who lost their lives in the Fukishima earthquake and tsunami with Light and Love.  The Creator fills their surviving loved ones with Light and Love.  The Creator fills all those who contracted cancer as a result of the Fukishima nuclear accident with Light and Love, heals them, and directs their lives to Light.”

You might conclude the session with a prayer such as: “Thank you, God, for Thy healing energies.  Thank you, God, for the beauty of these healing energies, that lift our spirits to seeing and knowing Thee and Thy glory.”

Love and Light,