Dear Light Group,

The promise of the Divine is fantastic: eternal life, cosmic consciousness, the power of the Divine Word, Divine Love reaching out to everyone, Divine Light transforming all to the Good.

But there can be a few diversions on the way to this glorious Life of the Divine. Last week we prayed about some of these diversions–the Seven Veils that Jim Goure said were the primary things blocking us.

In his reading of the Book of Revelation, Jim identified a few more blockages, particularly in his interpretation of what Jesus was getting at in his messages to the seven churches (Ephesus, Smyrna, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Sardis, Pergamos, Laodicea). The seven churches, said Jim, were representative of the seven chakras or energy centers within us. Each church represented both positive and negative energies. Ephesus on the positive side represented purification. On the negative side it represented faithlessness and a lack of deeds. Smyrna represented the ability to regenerate our cells and ourselves; on the negative side Smyrna represented hypocrisy and the misuse of energy through sex. Thyatira, according to Jim, was the key to the opening of the other centers, but on the negative side it represented manipulation and negative emotions. Philadelphia was the city of Divine Love but could also represent problems with human love. Sardis represented the word of God, and it also could represent inattentiveness and a scattered nature. Pergamos could be a center of clairvoyance and clairaudience but could also represent sensual thinking. Laodicea was the place of cosmic consciousness; if misused, its energies degenerated into apathy, self-satisfaction, and a judgmental nature.

In light of Jim’s interpretation of what Jesus was saying about these cities or energy centers, you may want to try these prayers:

I release my faithlessness and lack of deeds to the Light. I am purified by the Light.
I release my hypocrisy and misuse of sex to the Light. I am regenerated by the Light.
I release my manipulation and negative emotions to the Light. The Light from my Light center frees me to be Divine.
I release my human love to the Light. I am filled with Divine Love.
I release my inattentiveness and scattered nature to the Light. I speak the word of God.
I release my sensual thinking to the Light. I see the Divine in all things and all people.
I release my apathy, judging, and self-satisfaction to the Light. My consciousness is that of the Divine.

The Book of Revelation promises us that in cleansing and purifying the seven cities (the seven energy centers) within ourselves, we see a new heaven and a new earth, and we enter the holy city of New Jerusalem, which shines with a glorious, Divine Light. That city of New Jerusalem is us, our Light radiating so brightly and so broadly that it encompasses an entire city, an entire planet, the whole of the universe.

Love and Light,