Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure worked tirelessly to understand what was holding us back from knowing and living our Divine nature. One of his seminal lectures, entitled “The Seven Veils,” identified several blockages. Here is what Jim had to say about these blockages or worlds:
  1. THE CONTROL WORLD: The control world manifests itself in a boss-slave consciousness. It shows up in the way parents try to exert control over their children. Or it may manifest in a boss trying to control employees through the god of money. The time for this boss-slave consciousness–which has existed throughout the history of mankind–is over.
  2. THE POWER WORLD: The power world is into ego and self-aggrandizement. It is the dog-eat-dog world people experience in business. The power world also manifests itself in killing and in war.
  3. THE DRUG WORLD: There are beings on other dimensions who were drug addicts while they were alive who are trying to influence people to take drugs. Even a whiff of marijuana can connect people to this drug world.
  4. THE ALCOHOL WORLD: It is similar to the drug world in that there are people who were alcoholics while they were alive who are trying to influence people to drink alcohol.  
  5. THE SEX WORLD: The sex world is a separate, thick world around planet Earth. There are millions of beings on another dimension who are totally into sex. The sex world is a control mechanism. So many thoughts and emotions have been put into the sex world that it has gone berserk.  
  6. THE MALE WORLD: For a billion years, we have been caught at the level of believing that we are either male or female. This male-female world is unbalanced. It is a world in which our animal nature and our desire to control others have the upper hand. The male concept has been the dominating one, and it has hurt females. Men have rejected the female aspect because they believe it’s not manlike. The male level is very low.  It is into sex and temporal happiness.
  7. THE FEMALE WORLD: The female concept has viewed itself as being less than. The very sex act puts women down below. There is a tremendous fear in all females of being a woman.
As antidotes to the effects of these worlds, Jim gave us prayers:
  • The Creator changes the power and control worlds to Light.
  • The Creator changes the drug and alcohol worlds to Light.
  • The Creator changes the sex world to Light.  Sex is Light.
  • I am whole and complete, male and female. I balance the male-female within me. I seek only the oneness of the male-female within myself.  
You might want to experiment with these prayers and see if they change the world you live in.
Love and Light,