Dear Light Group,

Some people feel the physical body is not Divine. Some reject their bodies because their religions teach that the body is not important, that the Divine is located somewhere outside of their bodies. There are religious practices that call for mortification of the flesh.

But every part of us is Divine. Every cell, every strand of hair, every part of our body is Divine. Every bone and muscle and organ and gene is Divine. Every molecule in our body is Divine, and we are not separate from that Divinity.

Our body is a shell that is moved by us to accomplish certain missions. God is inside the shell and outside the shell and is the shell itself.

But we reject this shell. We reject this body. We have been programmed to see death as inevitable. Our feeling is that, if the body is going to die anyway, we might as well let it have its aches and pains. The idea of sickness and death is in our cells. This programming must be changed.

Here are prayers to reverse that programming:

I love me. I love the total me.
I am loving me because I am loving the Divine. I love the Divine in every part of me.
I love my eyes. I love my brain. I love my feet. I love my stomach. I love my liver. I love my heart. I love [name every part of your body.]
I am Light in operation. I am fantastic.

Through these prayers, let us accept the Divinity of our physical bodies. In recognizing the Divinity of our physical bodies, we shall recognize the Divinity of all that is. And in recognizing the Divinity of all that is lies the freedom and joy we seek.

Love and Light,