Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure continually tried to get us to see differently.  He would demonstrate the impact of seeing using his muscle-testing technique.  This involved asking an individual to stand up and hold out to the side his or her stronger arm.  Jim would then try to bring down the arm.  Next, the individual would be asked to again hold his arm out to the side and, looking at a female, say, “I see a woman.”  The arm invariable came down swiftly this time.  Finally, Jim would have the individual hold his arm out a third time, and, looking at the same female, say, “I see a Light being.”  This time the arm would be stronger than ever.
Jim’s point was that we spend most of our time seeing incorrectly, and when we do so, we weaken ourselves.  But when we see the truth (“I see a Light being”), it strengthens us.
For this Saturday’s prayer, there is a two-fold purpose.  One is to pray for true seeing for ourselves.  The other is to pray for a member of our Light Group, Linda Gunst, who will undergo eye surgery on March 2nd.
Here are the suggested prayers:
  • Thank you, God, for enabling me to see correctly.  Thank you, God, for enabling me to see the Light in everyone.  Thank you, God, for the Light in _________________ [insert names of people you both like and dislike; go through as many names as you can think of].
  • Thank you, God, for healing Linda Gunst.  Thank you, God, for the Light filling and surrounding Linda, for filling and surrounding her eyes.  Thank you, God, for the Light filling and surround Linda’s surgeon and all of the other medical professionals involved with Linda’s surgery.  Thank you, God, for filling and surrounding all of the medical equipment and facilities that will be used to treat Linda.  Thank you, God, for healing Linda and for her living a life of Light.
  • Thank you, God, for true vision, for seeing the reality of Thee in everyone and everything.
Love and Light,