Dear Light Group,

We tend to think of ourselves as being separate from others. There is “I” and “other.” We build elaborate stories about who this “I” is–or is not.

We tend to allow society to define us, and this begins our internal story telling. This definition can be associated with family: “I am so-and-so’s spouse.” It can be associated with a religion: “I’m a Christian.” Or with a nation: “I’m an American.”

Too often the story is one of shoulds and not-good-enoughs. “I should be married.” “I shouldn’t weigh as much as I do.” “I’m not good enough.”

All of this–the stories we tell about ourselves and the way we let society define us–is a fiction. There is no separation. And if there is no separation, there is no “me.” There is only this unified field of energy. There is only the energy of Love and Light. The rest is just a story we’ve invented to give ourselves a sense of identity.

Marriage and the creation of a family is one way of bringing about a sense of oneness. Couples who have been married for many years start to look alike and finish each other’s sentences and feel bonded to each other in a deep way. Twins and sometimes other siblings also can feel deeply connected to each other.

The purpose of marriage and the family is to learn to be One–not just with your spouse and your children but One with Earth and One with the universe. Going beyond the family, when there is a merging into Oneness, we are mentally one, emotionally one, magnetically one, electrically one, and telepathically one.

We can enter this state of Oneness by merging. Prayers to help us do that include:

The Creator in me merges with the Creator in X. We are One. One Light. One Love. One Joy.
Wherever I am, God is.
I am a member of the Divine family.
I am one with all that is.

Let us be One. In being One with all that is, we have the ultimate identify. In being One with all that is, we have the freedom we seek.

Love and Light,