Dear Light Group,

Sometimes spiritual people get caught up with the grandness of their spiritual missions and neglect the basics of being a good human being. One can slip into a mindset that, because one is doing God’s work, one is a bit above it all, that there is nothing of significance other than one’s own God-work, and that the rest of the world should recognize this and bend to our will.
To keep us grounded in our humanity, saints and prophets have admonished us to be kind. Among those who have advocated kindness is Jim Goure. He gave a lecture entitled “Code of Life,” in which he offered guidelines for living. One of those guidelines was, “Be patient, be kind, be helpful, and be love.” Speaking to the patience aspect of the guideline, Jim stated that, “In America, we expect everything to happen instantaneously. And in instant America, those on the spiritual path want instant God, too. We become impatient when we pray for five minutes and we don’t see a change. We then stop praying, because we think something is wrong with God or wrong with us. Be patient with God in action. Remember: we do not see with the total eye of God.”
Moving then to the kindness aspect of the guideline, Jim said, “Being unkind is often an unconscious act.  It comes from thinking of ourselves first and wanting the best for ourselves. Because we are spiritual and have healed someone, perhaps we think we deserve recognition of our specialness. But we need to be careful of our actions and of the ways in which we can hurt others, even with body language. With just a look or a certain subtle movement of the body, we can be showing others that we reject them. We need to be aware of this so we can prevent it before it happens. When we know that God is in everyone, we know that being hurtful means that we are rejecting God. We also know that helping others is helping God.  Being aware that God is in everything and everyone makes us want to be helpful in every way possible.”
And in terms of love, Jim said that, “To be Love does not mean being a goody-goody type person. It means being still and radiating Divine Love to everyone and everything. Our problem is that our reference point is human love, and we use that as a guide to living and receiving love. But human love can hurt, while God’s Love is far beyond anything human. God’s Love gives one hundred percent to everyone and everything. The Creator within us is unlimited and gives unlimited Love. So, being Love is just that: giving only Divine Love, all of the time.”
Bearing in mind this admonition to be patient, be kind, be helpful, and be love, here are some suggested prayers:
  • Thank you, God, for Thy kindness living through me. Thank you, God, for this kindness touching the lives of everyone I am in contact with. Thank you, God, for Thy kindness expanding in and radiating from everyone.
  • Thank you, God, for opportunities to be helpful to others. Give me the strength and the wisdom to be helpful in ways that are beneficial to others. Give me the detachment to be helpful without expectation of reward or recognition. Let my helpfulness be selfless.
  • God, give me patience, that I may truly hear Thee, rather than my own mind-chatter, and that I may hear the pleas for help from my fellow humans. Give me the perseverance to keep praying, even when it appears that nothing is happening. Give me the perseverance to keep helping, even when it is challenging to do so.
  • Thank you, God, for Thy unlimited Love, radiating out, filling and surrounding each one of us, filling and surrounding Earth, touching the hearts and minds and souls of all people.
Love and Light,