Dear Light Group,

A Tibetan Buddhist who came to the United States in the early 1970s, Chogyam Trungpa, wrote a book entitled The Myth of Freedom.  What he was basically saying was that we put an enormous amount of energy into doing and buying things we hope will make us free.  We take vacations to exotic places.  We buy all kinds of gadgets.  We binge watch online programs.  Trungpa said that even spiritual pursuits could be a form of escape if they are being co-opted by our egos.  
At the end of all our frenetic activity, we come back to where we are, which is right here, right now, with all of our emotions and hangups and aspirations.  Trungpa’s point was: just be with that.  Just meditate and be with whatever emotions and thoughts and feelings are arising.  That alone provides you with rich material to work with.  
He wasn’t advocating indulging our emotions and cravings.  He was saying: acknowledge them, observe them, and, when it feels right, let them go.
The result, he said, would be enormous space.  He said that when we judge things or box things into concepts, we freeze the space around us.  Letting go of judgments and concepts allows the space to be wide open.
If we were to translate this into terms those of us at United Research are more familiar with, this parallels the first step of the Seven Steps of Effective Prayer: “I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, and loved ones to the Light.”  There is a lot more that we could throw into that first step: “I release all of my judgments about myself and others to the Light.  I release my ego to the Light.  I release my identity to the Light.  I release everything I’m hanging onto to the Light.”
We think that by clinging onto things, clinging on to people, clinging on to the past, we’ll be free.  It’s just the opposite.  It’s in the releasing that we are free.   
To get into freedom, you might try a prayer where you release everything you’re hanging onto: “I release all of my past to the Light.  I release all of my fears to the Light.  I release all of my emotions to the Light.  I release all of my relationships with other people to the Light.  I release all of my concepts of myself to the Light.  I release all of my concepts of life to the Light.  I release all of my concepts of spirituality to the Light.  There is only That.  There is only that Light.  There is only that Love.  There is only that Peace.  There is only that Joy.”
Love and Light,