Dear Light Group,

You may have heard people saying that, while mankind has consistently advanced its understanding of scientific matters, it has stagnated in terms of its understanding of spiritual matters. When you think of those who have inspired what are commonly considered to be the major religions – Krishna, Lao Tzu, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed – they all lived over a thousand years ago. The foundational texts of the major religions – the Bhagavad Gita, the Buddhist sutras, the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran – also were all written over a thousand years ago. So are we stuck? Have we just been treading water these past centuries?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s consider the God that is portrayed in the Bible. The God of the Old Testament is scary. It’s a jealous God that comes down hard on those who stray. Sometimes this God appears capricious, inconsistent, hard to figure out.

What about the New Testament God? This God could be tough (the disciples were scared of Jesus), but there is far more love and compassion and understanding in this God.

And what about now? Do we have any more advanced understanding of God?

If we take to heart what Jim Goure taught us, we do. God is no longer something like an old patriarch who breaths fire and brimstone and is constantly clobbering those who disobey His commandments. Now we understand God as Peace, as Love, as Light, as Joy. This is not so much God as anthropomorphic entity as it is God as Energy. That’s a big shift in consciousness. If we can embrace that shift, then maybe we are progressing.

An important part of that shift of consciousness is God as Creator and a recognition of the Creative Spirit in each one of us. That Creative Spirit has the power to create Good.

To get into that Creative Spirit, Jim told us that we have to get beyond separation, that we cannot not feel that we are separate from anyone or anything. Not the easiest thing to accomplish, but you can see where he was coming from: Is the Creator separate from anything? If not, and if we have the Creative Spirit within us and want to use that Creative Spirit to create Good, we cannot separate ourselves from anything.

Hear what Jim had to say about our Creative Spirit: “You have the Creative Power of Life, Divine Life. You can create anything because you are no longer caught up with ego. You no longer create for your own desires. You create only the Divine plan. You create it better because you have become a Divine creator. You create the whole cosmos better than it is because you have learned how to Love. You have learned how to become One…..Don’t let your consciousness separate you from anyone or anything….Do not let anyone bring about a separation from your knowledge that everything is within you, that everything is Divine – everything. All the cosmos and the creation are continuing because you are creating constantly. But now you are creating differently. You are creating Divine life energy constantly….”

If you would like a prayer to accompany this consciousness, you might try this: “I Am One. I Am One with all that is. In this Oneness, I create Good. In this Oneness, I create Love. In this Oneness, I create Joy. In this Oneness, I create Beauty. In this Oneness, I create Light. In this Oneness, I create Peace. I Am That. I Am that Peace. I Am that Love. I Am that Joy. I Am that Beauty. I Am that Light. Thank you, God, for making it so. Amen.”

Love and Light,