Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure pushed things way beyond where most people were. Listen to what he had to say about being Divine:
“Be Divine” is the New Age commandment. It is as simple as that. Being Divine is the answer to all of the problems that one has.
Jesus said to the Pharisees and Sadducees, “Ye are gods.” The idea of even being the son of God is now old-fashioned. It is time to be Divine. Nothing else is acceptable. Being the son of God is a separation. IT IS NOT THE WAY!
We will be able to do away with the Bible. We have made it a god. It’s only the written word.  You must break out. Write your own bible and live by it.
From the very beginning, the total creation was GOOD. Therefore, there is no reason to judge.  The whole of creation is ABSOLUTELY GOOD! You need to hold to this point.  
Spirit is all-pervading. We work with that spirit. The spirit throughout causes people to change.  If you can work with this Light, it activates the Light in everyone, and they change.
If you would like to build on these thoughts, you might try a prayer such as: 
I am That. I am Divine. I am the Good that has existed since the beginning. I see this Good in everyone and everything. I am that Good. My loved ones are that Good. My home is that Good.  The people I work with are that Good. The city I live in is that Good. The nation I live in is that Good. All of humanity is that Good. Planet Earth is that Good. I am the Good that has existed since the beginning, and I am giving this Goodness to everyone and everything at all times and in all places.
Love and Light,