Dear Light Group,

One of our Light Group members, Jacquelyn, has reminded me of a pearl of wisdom from Albert Einstein: “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living.” Jim and Diana Goure wrote something similar into their wedding vows: “In this joy that has come to you, there will be ever greater and still greater blessedness as together your hearts live in radiant love and service to your fellow man.”

But what does it mean to be in service to others? For some people, it means doing something really big: preaching and having a bunch of disciples or becoming a leader who will free a people or becoming a healer who saves lives or becoming the next Mother Teresa who helps the poor. For others, it means something much simpler: helping family members, being a school teacher, being a good parent. For yet others, it means something as basic as blessing the earth with every step they take.

Any of these roles, properly done, can be wonderful. The key is to keep our ego out of the equation, and that can be far, far easier said than done. The ego so wants to manipulate our service and use it as a credential: “Hey, look at me!  Aren’t I the good one! Look at the way I’m sacrificing myself to help people. Aren’t you impressed with all of the good things I’m doing!  Aren’t I wonderful!”

The temptation of Christ can be viewed as Jesus wrestling with precisely this kind of challenge. Satan challenged Jesus to change stones into bread, to jump off a pinnacle so God would save him, and to have power over the kingdoms of Earth. It was after he resisted these temptations of Satan, or the ego, that Jesus began his spiritual mission in earnest.

Dealing with the ego–so we can get on with our mission of service–does not necessarily mean a violent struggle. It can be something as simple as observing the machinations of the ego, calmly and non-judgmentally.  In this method, the ego dissipates and eventually disappears. It takes time and effort, but this approach works.

Another approach is through prayer. If you prefer this approach, you might try a prayer such as: “Thank you, God, for keeping me pure. Thank you, God, for keeping me pure in Thy sight.  Thank you, God, for keeping me pure so that I may be a vessel of Thy Light and Thy Love. Thank you, God, for keeping me pure so that I may fulfill my Divine mission.”

When there is no ego, there is no me. And when there is no me, there is no separation, no judgment, no I and other. There is only space. In that space, there is only the play of consciousness. In that play of consciousness, there is only the Love, the Light, the Compassion, the Peace. And in that play of consciousness, we effortlessly be–be the Light, be the Love, be the Compassion, be the Peace. And in so being, we give the ultimate service.

Love and Light,