Dear Light Group,

Leading up to Christmas, we talked about the birth of the Christ in each one of us. Between Christmas and New Year’s, we noted that, once the Christ child has been born, purification and protection, symbolized by the Wise Men presenting the baby Jesus with gold (signifying purification) and the flight to Egypt (symbolizing the need for protection), are important.

If only birth, purification, and protection were all there was to being the Christ. It would be so much quicker and easier.
But there is more.  And that something more is what is going on inside of us. It is what we have stuffed inside of us over the course of lifetimes: desires, fears, habits, attractions, revulsions, hurts, judgments, emotions, relationships with others, and on and on. This stuff adds up to a story we tell about ourselves.  That story can comprise self-judgment or self-satisfaction, aloofness or manipulation, laziness or hyper-activity, a scattered nature or an overly controlling one, apathy or being intensely emotional.
In movies and novels there are also stories. The hero has a desire. Pursuit of that desire creates an arc of happenings. Having goals seems to invite obstacles, so as our hero pursues her or his desire, the arc of happenings presents obstacles to fulfilling the desire. (If there weren’t impediments, there wouldn’t be a good story.)
Our movies and novels tend to be in three acts: In the first act, the desire of our hero is revealed, and then obstacles stop the action in its tracks, and the hero is off on a different course than initially anticipated.  In the second act, the hero starts to answer the question: What do I do now? In the third act is the conclusion.
Beyond the stories in movies and novels are the stories we tell about ourselves. Our egos love these stories.  There may be many things about our lives that we don’t like, but the impediments and annoyances and hurts (as well as the pleasures and attractions) fully engage our egos. They allow us to be the heroes of our own stories. But we can also become prisoners of those stories–so fully engaged in them that it is hard, extremely hard, to live a totally free life.
Some of us may feel as though we are in the second act of our stories: We have a desire (being Divine) and yet we continue to encounter a number of impediments (both within our personalities and in the world we interact with). We are faced with the central question of the second act: What do I do now?
We have been given teachings and techniques to answer that question.  So many masters have walked this planet. Such rich teachings are available to us. From Jim Goure alone, we were given the Effective Prayer, prayer for our seven energy centers, naming the parts of our body Christ, the Creator prayer for self, others, the planet, and all of creation, and many other techniques.  All of these teachings and techniques are designed to help us release the stuff inside us, to get beyond the stories our egos are telling us, and to get on with being one with the Divine.
So our second act question–What do I do now?–should be answered.  But getting to our third act, the conclusion–unending unity of consciousness with the Divine–can still be a challenge.
If teachings and techniques are not the issue, then what is?
Perhaps the remaining keys are in compassion and love. Compassion for ourselves and for others – particularly others on the pathway of Light – in recognizing that this spiritual work is not easy. And love: recognizing that love and support on this pathway of Light will help accelerated the advancement of all of us.
So in your prayers this Saturday, you may want to express your love and compassion for everyone you know who is on the pathway of Light. You might want to try prayers such as:
  • I love you, _______________ (insert the name of someone on the pathway of Light).
  • May God bless you and smooth your way to unity with the Divine.
  • The Creator in _______________ releases her / his ego to the Light.  The Creator in _______________ releases her / his ego’s story to the Light.  That story is now a story filled with Light.
  • The Creator in ______________ blesses and protects him / her.  He / she is filled and surrounded with Light.
  • _____________ is complete, whole, and one with the Divine.
May all of you be blessed and protected and uplifted as you advance towards unity with the Divine.
Love and Light,