Dear Light Group,

We have heard from spiritual masters that advancement is a matter of both mind and heart. In the Christian tradition, we hear much about the importance of love (the heart). Jim Goure spoke frequently about love and, more significantly, in many ways embodied Divine Love.
But what about mind? Why might the mind be important for spiritual development?
We have been trained to hold intelligence in high regard. We have been taught to think. We honor people who are geniuses. Is this what is meant by mind?  
Not quite.  
When we attempt to find God by becoming still, the mind races. It’s monkey mind–the attention darts rapidly from one thought to another. Whether we have a high IQ or not, our minds zip all over the place.
So, how do we deal with monkey mind? One way is through meditation. If we sit in meditation long enough, the mind will calm down. It’s like a restless child that simply has to expend its energy before it becomes settled. If we simply observe the thoughts and emotions that arise, eventually they dissipate. The key is not to judge those thoughts and emotions as either good or bad ones or to either embrace or reject those thoughts. We simply observe our breath and let the thoughts be.  
The other way is to focus on a Divine attribute such as Love or Light. We do this through prayer. The more we pray, the more we change our consciousness and the more monkey mind becomes Divine Mind.
Whichever technique you choose–meditation or prayer–it requires practice. Getting to the point where the Divine controls our mind, where we can say, as Jesus did, “I of mine own self do nothing. It is the Divine within that does the works,” can take practice–lots of practice. Most often, it does not happen instantly. It’s similar to when, as a child, we learned to walk. This did not happen instantly either. We fell. We hit our heads.  We cried. But we had a powerful desire to walk. If we have this same type of powerful desire to merge with Divine Mind, we will achieve it.
If you would like prayers for the mind, you might try one or more of these:
  • I release my ego and my personality to the Light.  I release all of my thoughts to the Light.  My mind is in a bubble of Light.
  • Thank you, God, for all of my thoughts and emotions.  Thank you, God, for these thoughts and emotions that ultimately will lead me back to Thee.  
  • The Creator in me controls my mind so that only Divine actions and thoughts can be.
  • Thank you, God, for Thy Peace within me and for leading me to that Peace.  Thank you, God, for Thy Peace radiating from within me to everyone and everything.
Love and Light,