Dear Light Group,

My uncle was my first guru. He was an enormous gnome with an irreverent sense of humor who was deeply intuitive and spiritual. He fed me spiritual books and spiritual insights that I consumed as fast as he could give them to me.

One day he told me, “It’s easier to die than it is to be born.” I have assumed that what he meant was that being pushed out of the cozy, dark womb into a bright cold world can be a difficult, shocking experience. Death, on the other hand, is a letting go and a release of all the burdens and pains of being human. Poets have written about how we “go gentle into that good night” and “slip the surly bonds of earth.” Not a lot of pain there.

But the period before death can be traumatic, particularly if a lengthy, painful disease precedes death. The suffering can be so consuming that it is nearly impossible to stay tuned to the Divine. It also can complicate the transition from death of the physical body to the next stage of being: it can disrupt the soul’s moving into the Light.

Donna, an officemate of Carol, one of our Light Group members, is undergoing such a process now. She went through months of chemotherapy, evidently to little avail: she is now in hospice. There have been blessings, such as her being able to see her new granddaughter several times. But Donna is suffering.

We can help Donna. Her soul will respond to our prayers. Let us pray that her transition to the Light be a smooth one:

Thank you, God, for Donna. Thank you, God, for this beautiful being of Light.
Thank you, God, for Donna’s love of her family and for the family’s love of Donna.
God, bless Donna. Bring her comfort during this, her time of trial. Let her way to the Light be made smooth. Let her be filled and surrounded by the Light. Let her be filled and surrounded with Thy Love. God, direct Donna to the Light.
God, grace this Thy planet with Thy Love and Light, that all who suffer may feel and be comforted by Thy Love, by Thy Light.

Love and Light,