Dear Light Group,

Before it is born, the Christ is in the womb of the Mother. Yogananda, the twentieth century master, remembered his womb experience: “I was conscious in my mother’s womb, feeling the movements in her body, aware of my own helpless state–this body, this bundle of bones, is not I. Occasionally, the darkness of the womb would be dispelled, and Light would visit me. On one side, I wanted to express myself as a human being. Yet, on the other side, I didn’t, because I felt I was Spirit.”

And so it is with us: we are in the womb of the Divine Mother, sometimes feeling as though we are in a helpless state. We are expressing ourselves as human beings, and yet we know we are more than that, that we are not this bundle of bones, that we are Spirit.

There is a strong desire to know and express this Spirit. And yet many people feel confined. What is confining them is not the womb of the Divine Mother but the prisons of their own thoughts–thoughts of attraction and aversion, thoughts of the past and of the future. Getting completely wrapped up in these thoughts of being human, we create stories about ourselves: “I must be good, smart, rich, beautiful, thin, young, popular, respected.” And the converse: “I shouldn’t be poor, dumb, ugly, fat, old, or disliked.”

These are stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. By creating these stories, we affirm that “I” exist. But that “I” is nothing. It’s just a story. It has no inherent reality. As Yogananda said, “I see behind the scenes. The visible man is a shadow. As soon as I change my consciousness, I see everything as if it were a motion picture.”

The only thing that is real is the Spirit, that same Spirit Yogananda felt he was, even in the womb. The Bible tells us to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. To do that, we need to recognize that this Spirit permeates everything, that it is all that is, and that this Spirit is our essence.

Once we recognize this, we can pray, as Yogananda did, “Bless me, that with the awakening dawn, I may awaken all souls with my own and bring them to Thee.”

Love and Light,