Dear Light Group,

As we get closer to Christmas, it may be worth taking a moment to reflect on the essence of the Christ. Jim Goure pushed the meaning of the Christ well past the traditional meaning. Here is how he viewed the Christ:

“Never cease to increase the Light and Love that is present everywhere, constantly giving of this Divine Light and Love.
“After you have done that, you’ll want to lay down the Gospels and the Bible. You will want ALL to get to the new bible, the Truth that is.
“To think we are caught in words that are thousands of years old. It’s old truth. Some of it isn’t truth any longer. The new truth is created moment by moment. Everything in the universe is constantly new. We must be new, too. What was true two thousand years ago may not be truth now. Rise from the darkness into Light. Light is the Truth within self.
“By having the sun within yourself, you break the bonds of planet Earth. Everyone is bonded to Earth in innumerable ways. When we break the bonds between our mother, father, mate, and ourself, then we can truly love.We’re not limited then by a concept of mother and father or brother or sister or mate. We are truly able to love, truly able to give always, truly able to recognize the Christ in everyone.
“The Christ is in everyone and everything: the tree, the plant, everything that is. We recognize it in our daily lives by saying, ‘I see the Christ in you and you and you.’ This begins the flow. We’re no longer caught with judging personality and physical bodies and things that don’t mean anything. That which is Divine is where it’s at….”

That, in essence, is how Jim perceived the Christ. The essence of the Christ is being able to recognize the Christ in everyone and everything and being able to love everyone and everything. To reach that state we need to let go of that which binds us–let go of that which binds us to family members, let go of that which binds us to Earth, let go of the Bible. Then we enter a state of non-judgment. Then we are able to see things as they are right now. Then we are able to know the Truth that is now. Not yesterday’s truth. Not the truth of two thousand years ago. The Truth that is here now.

Having let go of old truths, having let go of our judgments, having let go of relationships that bind us to the past, we are free to be here now. We are free to love. We are free to love all that is. We are totally free.

If you would like a prayer to get into this consciousness of the Christ and of the Truth that is now, you might try this:
The Truth of the Christ is in me now. This Truth of the Christ is a bright Light radiating throughout my entire being. This Christ loves. This Christ loves everyone and everything.  This Love of the Christ is the ultimate Christmas gift. This Love of the Christ is my gift to everyone and everything. This Love of the Christ is my gift to planet Earth. This Love of the Christ is my gift to all of creation. I am that Love. I am that Love in everyone and everything. Let this Love shine forth in everyone and everything.
Love and Light,