Dear Light Group,

Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” There are several ways to read this statement. One is simply that, “Good-hearted people are closer to God than those who are not.” Another way of reading it is, “If you want to see God, don’t judge.”

You can add to that latter view, “Watch your emotions, particularly when you judge.” Emotions are more powerful than thoughts. If you feel deep within yourself that someone is no good, then you are adding tremendously to the burden–on yourself, on the other person, and on everyone else.

Does this describe how humans are exerting their energy these days–negative judgments and emotional burdens? Whether it be our attitudes towards political candidates or towards religious groups or ethnic groups or certain nationalities, we are putting tremendous energy into judging each other.

If we swing back to Jesus’ beatitude–“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”–then we know that the only emotion we should have is one of Divine Love. We can establish this emotion by changing our negative judgments to positive, loving, pure emotions: “I give only Love. I give only Divine Love to you and you and you. I see Divine Light and Love in everyone and everything. I command that I give only Divine Love.”

When we have cleansed ourselves of negative emotions and judgments, when we have adopted the ways of God, when our hearts are pure, we begin to say, “I see Light. I see God in everything I have judged. I see Light in everything.” When we reach this state of consciousness, we are seeing God face-to-face.

The feeling that then comes to us can be overpowering. It is an overpowering feeling of love. It is overpowering because the beauty of people is beyond comprehension.

Let us, this Saturday, and beyond, move into the purity of our Christed hearts. Let us move into that realm where all is Light, all is Love. In this realm we shall see each other as Divine. In this realm we shall see the Divine in all that we have judged. In this realm we shall see God face-to-face.

Love and Light,