Dear Light Group,

The Christ whose birth we celebrate, Jesus, was born into a family. That family, beginning with Mary and Joseph, loved, nurtured, and supported Jesus.

But it was never just a biological family that supported Jesus. Angels proclaimed his birth. Wise Men brought him gifts. And after Jesus became fully centered in the Christ consciousness, he recruited apostles, and in that way his family grew to include a larger spiritual family. His family eventually came to include all of mankind.

So as we celebrate Christmas, let us give thanks for your spiritual families. These may or may not include your biological families. But there are those, living and passed on, who have given you the gifts of their insights and their love.

Let us give thanks for them:
  • Thank you, God, for my spiritual family.
  • Thank you, God, for all those who have helped bring me closer to Thee. (Here you may want to mention specific people or beings.)
  • Thank you, God, for those who have brought me a sense of oneness–oneness with Thee and oneness with all that is.
  • And thanks to all of you – for your prayers, for your Light, and for all that you do to help others find the Light within.
 Love and Light,