Tully Moss2009

Dear Light Group,

Being a baby can be frustrating. You’re not fully coordinated. You don’t know how to ask for things, except to cry. You are limited in what you can do. And yet, you have universal consciousness.

Is it any different with us? Are we not, at least at times, baby Christs? We have a sense of universal consciousness, but we can feel uncoordinated as we try to express that universal consciousness.

Part of what holds us back from being fully matured Christs is our desire to be acceptable. It is possible to be God conscious and still want to be acceptable to others. We hide our Light. And yet, Jesus said, “Hide not your Light underneath a bushel,” and “Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ, let us also encourage our own budding Christed natures to shine forth – and as we do so, to glorify the Divine. You might want to try prayers such as these:

Thank you, God, for the Christ nature living within me.
Thank you, God, for this Christ nature expressing itself in ways that glorify Thee.
May I merge ever more fully into Thee, my Lord, that Thy consciousness and my consciousness may be one.
May Thy Goodness, living within me, radiate out for the uplifting of all.

May the blessings of the Christ be with you and your family this Christmas and throughout the new year.

Love and Light,