Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure told us that we “need to break out of the consciousness of two thousand years ago.” Rather than praying to Jesus, we need to pray as Jesus did–directly through the Divine.

What has happened over the past two millennia is that hundreds of millions of people having been praying to Jesus. In doing so, these people have created a thought, and thought is energy. Thought energy, Jim said, forms in swirls, in a spiral form. This is much like when it first begins to snow, and the snow starts gathering in little swirls. So it is with thought energy, which gathers together, spiraling in swirls. Sometimes an angel will move within that energy form and send out this energy to help people. At moments like this, people say, “I see Jesus.”

But believing in Jesus isn’t enough. Jesus told us to believe in his words and live his commandments. We need to prove his words and act as he commanded us to act.

How to do that? One way is to make our bodies temples of prayer. Our whole beings should become total prayer. In so doing, we become a holy place. Our bodies are not ours. They belong to the Divine. So our bodies are truly holy. They are Divine.

If you would like prayers to enhance the holiness of your body and of your total being and make yourself a temple of prayer, you might try these:

  • This body that I call mine belongs to the Divine. The Divine is functioning throughout my body. This body is a holy temple. Let this temple that is my body be a house of prayer. Let this body be a temple of many rooms, in each one of which the Divine feels welcome.
  • As I go about my day, let this body temple radiate that Divine energy that is uniquely me. Let this body temple radiate [Love, Peace, Truth, Energy, Spirit, Light, Life, Joy, etc. whatever you feel is your unique energy].
  • As I go about my day, let me see the Christ energy in everyone else.
  • May the Christ energy be renewed in everyone and everything.

During this Christmas season, let us celebrate the birth and renewal of the Christ in all that is.

Love and Light,