Dear Light Group,

At this time of year, we can get so wrapped up in buying Christmas presents and making travel plans and and going to parties and being tugged in different directions by family members and friends that we forget what the focus of this season is supposed to be.  If Christmas should remind us of one thing, it is the Christ.  

So who was – and who is – the Christ?  Jim Goure captured the essence of Jesus this way: “Jesus’ three years of ministry can be summarized as: serve your fellow man.”  So service is central to being the Christ.  

There are many different ways to serve, not all of them on a grand scale.  Serving a family or a church community or volunteering to serve a non-profit organization can all be ways of serving.  One can also serve through prayer: simply praying for others is a form of service.  

What other aspects of the Christ are there?  If we turn to Jim again, we hear that, “Jesus was just a normal person, in one way of looking at his life.  He got angry, whipped the money lenders, cursed the fig tree.  But in another respect, he was different.  From the day he was born, he had a mission.”  That mission was: “I bring to you eternal life.”

So service and mission are two key aspects of the Christ.  

To deepen your understanding of and commitment to your own mission and service, you might try a prayer such as this: “Thank you, God, for this mission of being on Earth now.  Thank you, God, for enabling me to be in service of Your higher purpose.  Thank you, God, for revealing to me my Divine Mission.  Thank you, God, for giving me the means of accomplishing that mission.”

And you might pray for the missions of others: “Thank you, God, for revealing to others what their Divine missions are.  Thank you, God, for enabling others to accomplish their Divine missions.”

You might want to conclude with a prayer such as: “Thank you, God, for the mission of Light and Love.  Thank you, God, for this mission of bringing Light and Love to Earth.  Thank you, God, for blessing Earth with the spirit of the Christ, for blessing Earth with the Love of the Christ and with the Light of the Christ.  Amen.”

Love and Light,