Dear Light Group,

Emotions over political matters have reached a fever pitch in America. There is now intense distrust and dislike of those perceived to be in an opposing political camp. While this stirring of the waters is surfacing important issues, it is also breeding much anger and fear.  
What we want is for the truth, especially the Divine Truth, to shine forth and be recognized by all. We also, let us hope, want to keep alive the vision our nation’s founders had, embodied in the motto on our one dollar bill: e pluribus unum–out of many, one.  
This Saturday (and this Friday) could be a particularly important time to pray about truth in America and the rise of divisive, adversarial politics. My understanding is that a protest is planned by the activist group Refuse Fascism, which intends stirring a mass movement to remove Donald Trump from office. This is being viewed by those on an opposing side as evidence of a plot to instigate civil war in the United States.  
Let us pray that the truth and whatever is best for America shall prevail. You might want to try prayers such as: “The Creator in America releases all of its past to the Light. The Creator in America releases all of its negative energies to the Light. The Creator in America reveals Divine Truth to all people. Divine Truth shines through the hearts, minds, and souls of those on the political left.  Divine Truth shines through the hearts, minds, and souls of the political right. The Creator creates a flow of Love and Light between all Americans. The government of America rests on the shoulders of the Christ. Thank you, God, for making it so. Amen.”
I have been asked to encourage members of our Light Group to conduct 24-hour prayer on this topic, starting today (Friday). If you love America and want what is best for the nation, you might want to consider what you can do to honor this request.  
Although she was not the one to initially request the prayer, Jacquelyn, a member of our Light Group, has already begun praying about this issue, and she has emailed me a number of good prayer ideas that you might consider incorporating into your own prayers.  I have copied those ideas in their entirety below.
God bless America, and God bless you.
Love and Light,
Dear Prayers
Regarding prayers for US starting this Sunday.   If possible for everyone to  pray starting at noon (mtn time) would be ideal.  Starting with 7 Steps to Effective Prayer.  After the first hour everyone can choose any time within remaining 23 hours with suggested prayer subjects see below.  (Include yourself in these prayers. ) Hopefully your prayers will bring Divine intervention avoiding violence and disunity to America.  It has been suggested to continue doing prayers at you convenience through Nov 6.  Once in morning and or before going to bed.  You can train yourself to continue with Light/prayers during your sleep inviting your Guardian Angel, ArchAngel Protectors, Enlightened Beings, Angels of citizens of US, and Angels of America (Such as Angel depicted in NY as Statue of Liberty) to guide you during Dreamtime.  
Angel blessings
Suggested format for prayers:
Begin with the 7 Steps to effective prayer
The Effective Prayer
I (All beings in US) release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, and human desires to the Light.
I (All beings) am/are a Being of Light.
I (All beings) radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being.
I (All beings) radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone.
I (All beings) radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything.
I (All beings) am/are in a bubble of Light and only the Light can come to me and only the Light can be here.
Thank you God for everyone, for everything, and for me.
(Remember to include All Beings of America including you…)
Technique for changing the physical body:
The systems (respiratory, circulatory, glandular, skeletal, sexual, bloodstream, etc) are filled with Divine love and Light.  
All beings of America’s hearts, minds, souls are filled with Divine love and Light.
For every being in America The Christ light fills every cell, DNA, electron, atom, hearts, brain, (name body part).
All thoughts are in alignment for good, 
and thought. I also want to work on anyone who might be demonstrating against them. Fill them all with Christ light and  The creator in them directs their lives to Light. I think we have to start out on the cellular level because their minds will reject this at first.  Use visualization.
All waters, air, land are filled with Divine love and light.
7 veils technique:- All influences in, around, and through all beings of (name world) ex.all worlds power, control, 
Sexual, male female  drug and alcohol
Add media and medical worlds of thought forms.
Known and unknown of astral world ) affecting the consciousness of America in negative way are filled with Divine Love and Light.
Healing of political:
All politicians (name your local, state, and national systems and people)are filled with Divine love and Divine Light. 
The creator within them heals them and directs their lives to Light.  
Laws are created to reflect Divine love and Light.
Enlightened beings Angels of highest vibration in line with God’s plan for America helps guide everyone.  Peace, joy, and harmony fill the bodies, minds, and souls.
Hearts open and compassion prevails in all. Wisdom guides everyone to their divine destiny for the enlightenment of all.
There is only Light, and love in everyone and everything.  
Clarity frees Americans to know their destiny to benefit others.
America is an example of a country of light.  
Protectors and guardians of America are filled with Divine love and Light.  Americans create a world of goodwill, trust, cooperation serving and helping others.
The economy, food, water, clean air, and shelter is provided for all and  filled with Divine love and Light. (Can direct more focus to each of these for example sending healing to Mineral, plant, animal, Nature beings kingdom).
All judgments and past trauma in land, nature and people are filled with Divine love and Light. The war and killing consciousness is changed to peace, joy, love, Light.
I see Light in all.  Everyone sees Light in each other.
The Creator in the President and all politicians (can name them) heals them and directs their lives to light, peace.
We are happy and resilient.
the Creator in all beings holds them in peace while they sleep.
IF folks could fit this in between other things they are doing, even a few minutes here and there throughout the day.   May all disagreements, tension, conflicts be completely healed and dissolve.
 All opposition and resistance to Divine Light and love such as all negative protesters everywhere in the US on both sides are filled with Divine love and Light.  
Fill every major City with light and love.   The Christ Light transforms any spirits of darkness/harmfulness into the spirit of Divine Love and Light throughout the country.  Cooperation, wisdom, and kindness prevails in all parties involved.  People focus on positive solutions.
End with expansion of Gratfulness:
Thank you God for Divine flowing forth from thy center into me to everyone and everything. This love flows to each other. Thank you God for unity, oneness.  The Divine Creator exists everywhere.  Thank you God for understanding and this healing taking place.  Thank you God for starting a new America a world of goodwill among people, trust, loving each other, serving others.  Amen.  So it is.
Radiate this Divine Consciousness/energy  from America to other countries, people, and throughout the cosmos.  America is many times the beginning of trends and behavior and actions. I am Light in action.  I am one with the Light.  Wherever I am, God is.
Feel free to Include meditation moments to receive insights and solutions to share.