Dear Light Group,

I just learned this week that on November 1st Kitty Cromwell died in her sleep at her home in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She was 80 years old.

Kitty had been an active participant at United Research. She regularly attended Light Center events, and she traveled with us on many of the prayer missions we took to far off nations. For a time in the early 2000s, she was a member of our Light Group.

Although I had not seen her in recent years, I would regularly get a birthday card and a Christmas card from her, and then, out of the blue, she would also send me an encouraging missive, telling me to “HANG IN THERE!!!” Those missives were invariably signed using her nickname, “KAPTAIN KAT.”

Kitty could be quite strong willed, and there were times I grew irritated with her insistence that she get her way. But there was more than one occasion where I found, to my surprise, that she had been absolutely right. She was unrelenting in her demand that United Research conduct a prayer mission to Iceland. I thought it was a nutty idea. Why were we going to that cold rock in the North Atlantic when there were bigger, more important, more troubled nations than Iceland? I finally threw in the towel and agreed to the trip and then kicked myself for having caved in. What happened? It was one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. I loved Iceland. And on our final night there, our host came to our rooms, yelling for us to go outside. I thought there must be a fire or some other calamity. Instead, it was the Northern Lights on dazzling display. One native Icelander told us he had never seen the Northern Lights in such dramatic form. It was as if the heavens had opened and had given us a spectacular light show as a way of thanking us for our prayers.

So let us give thanks this Saturday for our friend Kitty Cromwell: “Thank you, God, for Kitty Cromwell. Thank you, God, for her heart, mind, and soul, Thank you, God, for her sincerity. Thank you, God, for her love of that which is Good. Bless her and hold her in your heart of Love, forever.”

Love and Light,