Dear Light Group,

Life can go on for long stretches with small waves–a little up, a little down, a little dull, a little exciting. Then a bigger wave descends. Something happens in life that disrupts the routines and scrambles
the emotions. I am at that kind of moment myself.

My mother, who is 94 and who has been in declining health, had a little fall and then another one and was
taken to a hospital emergency room where physicians found an infection, in addition to her chronic conditions. They have stabilized her, and, according to a friend who has visited her, she is lucid and cheerful, albeit weak. I will return to the U.S. in a few days and see for myself.

Moments such as this have a way of bringing things into vivid focus. Memories and feelings surface.
Family and friends are more deeply cherished. Priorities get narrowed.

And there is gratitude for spiritual connections. For prayer. For spiritual friends. And for a viewpoint that puts things in a larger perspective.

With that as a personal context for this Saturday’s prayer, I invite you to join me in giving thanks for the gifts that others have brought us. In my case, I will be giving thanks for my mother’s gifts–for her beauty, for her appreciation of beauty, for her cheerfulness, and for her caring for others.

I intend this to be the starting point of a long trail of gifts from others that I will give thanks for–including gifts that have been not nearly as pleasant as mymother’s gifts.

And by doing so, I anticipate that I’ll have a fuller appreciation for the prayer that jim Goure used at the beginning of every session he taught: “Thank you, God, for bringing us together in Thy Light and in
Thy Love, that we may be aware of Thee in all Thy ways. Open our hearts and minds and souls to Thee.”

Please join me in giving thanks for the gifts others have brought into out lives, for God having brought all of us together, and for the opening of our hearts and minds and souls to the Divine.

Love and Light,