Dear Light Group,

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the more stunning parts of the Bible. Jesus took what had become stale, confining doctrine and replaced it with a viewpoint that was fresh, clear, brilliant. To this day it remains a shining statement of spirituality.

But some of what Jesus advocated in the Sermon on the Mount is not the easiest guidance to follow. Take, for example, the admonition that we “Judge not.” Many of us spend a considerable amount of time judging. It’s hard not to! We judge the weather. We judge the players on our favorite football team. We judge the food we eat. We judge other people. We judge virtually everything!

Jim Goure held a belief similar to Jesus. Jim’s belief was that “God never judges anyone….There is no judgment from God. There is only 100 percent Love. The reality is God. That is the only reality. The Creator in you fills you with Love.”

Letting go of our judgments of other people and other things can be the critical step towards recognizing that reality, the reality of God, the reality of 100 percent Love.

So this Saturday let’s do a deep dive into releasing all of our judgements. Go back in time–as far back as you can remember–and think of everyone and everything you have ever judged. Then say, “I release that judgement to the Light.” Keep releasing those judgements until you can’t remember any more of them.

As you follow the trail of your judgements, be sure to release all judgments you have made about yourself. Be specific about those judgments. Name them and release them to the Light.

To complete your prayer, you might finish with something like, “Thank you, God, for freeing me to know only Thee and Thy Love. Amen.”

Love and Light,