Dear Light Group,

California, again, has been ravaged by fires.  Fires are symbolic of many things, some of them strongly positive, but fires burning out of control can be a sign of extreme emotional intensity.  

We certainly have emotional intensity in the United States (and in other nations).

Rather than letting the fires of emotional intensity consume us, we can patiently release them to the Light.

The place to start is with ourselves.  You might want to try a prayer such as, “I release all of my emotional intensity to the Light.”  Think of all the emotions that at times consume you.  These can be emotions of desire, anger, fear, sadness, and so forth.  Whichever emotions at times consume you, release those to the Light: “I release my emotions of __________ to the Light.”  Release all of the things that trigger these emotions.  For example, if there is a specific person who triggers feelings of frustration in you, release that person to the Light: “I release all of my emotions towards __________ to the Light.”

Once you feel you’ve released your own emotions, then help others release theirs: “The Creator in ___________ releases all of his or her emotions to the Light.”

From there, you can pray for the release of emotions held by groups of people or by nations: “The Creator in _________ releases all of its emotions to the Light.”

As you pray, remember California: “The Creator in California releases all of the energies that have contributed to its fires.  All of these energies are released to the Light.  California is a place of Light.  Only Light can come to California and only Light be there.”

Love and Light,