Dear Light Group,

One of the great yogis of the twentieth century was Yogananda. There is a wonderful documentary about him entitled, Awake! that chronicles his life from womb to transition. It begins by quoting Yogananda, who said that even in his mother’s womb, he was conscious of being Spirit. Although the movie speaks of Yogananda’s time growing up in India, it concentrates on the period when Yogananda was in America. The early years in America were glorious: thousands came to hear Yogananda speak. He was invited to the White House. Prominent people became his devotees.

Then came a dark period. He was slandered in the press. His best friend from childhood sued him. Much of America seemed to be against him.

He sailed to Mexico and found a place where he could be away from the tumult in America. There he went deep within and prayed to the Divine Mother that he would go back to India. Her response? No, his place was in America. He wept. And wept and wept and wept.

But back he went. And his later years in America were his most prolific in terms of his writings.

Through it all, Yogananda brimmed with joy. An American doctor asked him if it had been worth it–after the disillusionment, the betrayals, the heartache, was it worth it? Yogananda responded, “Blessed is the man whom the Lord doth test, Doctor!…my answer is: Yes, a thousand times yes!”

As we face our own challenges and disappointments, we might want to take inspiration from Yogananda and other masters–all of whom have faced tremendous challenges while in the physical. They were joyful. Their joy was in living in Spirit, being that Spirit, and in feeling that they had a Divine mission to fulfill.

To help you get into this joy, you might want to try these prayers:

Thank you, God, for life. Thank you, God, for this opportunity to be Thy Spirit on Earth.
Thank you, God, for Thy Spirit living inside of me, radiating throughout my being, and radiating from me to everyone and everything.
Thank you, God, for the beauty of Thee in all that is.

Love and Light,