Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure gave a wonderful talk entitled “The Spiral of Life” in which he distilled the essence of his message.
He said that we tend to view our lives as an evolution from infancy through childhood, adolescence, and mature adulthood.  This view of life has existed for millions of years.  Jim’s perspective was that it was time for us to think in terms of a spiral, the Spiral of Life.  
Jim’s view was that, “The Spiral of Life begins the moment we leave or come forth from the Creator.  God ideated us first….The first commandment that the Divine issued was ‘Let there be Light.’  And out of this Light everything became manifested, because Light is the universal Oneness of everything.”
Jim spoke of how, once people are finished with their physical bodies, they go into a different dimension for a period of time and then return to the physical.  “This is not reincarnation,” he said.  “We have a continuous growth pattern because we are Light, and Light is continuous.  Therefore, this is not reincarnation.  It is incarnation.”  
The period in between physical lives is not a period of rest because “…there is no need for sleep on the astral plane.  You are being educated on the astral dimension because you have a great desire to understand life.  From the moment you left the Creator, you had an urge deep within to make the journey to return to the Creator.”
Jim went on to say that, “As we continue to have incarnations, we pass over points on the Spiral of Life during which we experience something similar to what we experienced when we passed over that point on the spiral during a previous incarnation.  For example, if you killed someone during a previous incarnation, you may still be very angry with him in this incarnation.  However, instead of killing him, you may just hit him.  You are progressing.  You are evolving.  You are evolving into Light.  So there is constant improvement on this pathway of life, this Spiral of Life.”
But there is more: “The experiences are for growth, and in the first part of the spiral, we are involved with trying to attain happiness and trying to find love because each of us has a tremendous desire to be loved….We want and we want and we want.  Eventually, though, we arrive at a point on the pathway of Light when we say, ‘I am going to dedicate my entire self to the Light.’  We have a commandment to love God with our entire being…and eventually we dedicate ourselves completely to this commandment, to this Light.  And then we begin a whole different spiral.
“This new spiral, instead of evolving, changes to…involution, going within, finding that which is Divine within ourselves.
“We are all on the pathway of Light, and the deeper you go within on the Spiral of Life, the more you see that the Divine is everywhere present in everyone.
“You actually are the cosmic egg.  The shell is simply the fear of the outside world and the desire to be protected.  When we become aware of the Divine working through us, we begin to break this shell of self.  The egg begins to crack.  We no longer ask from anyone or for anything.  We no longer have any human desires…we know we have to turn from inwardness to givingness – to give Love and Light on a continuous basis.  When we do that, we begin to break the shell, and we begin to give, truly give….when you break down this shell, there is no separation in any way from you and the total Divine.  There can be no evolution.  You are.  You are Divine.  There is no desire to evolve because you are…you have arrived, as soon as the shell is broken, as soon as you allow yourself to Be.  
“Once we find the Light, we have to get involved with creating Good, just as it was in the beginning.  Once the Divinity begins operation and begins the commandment, ‘Let there be Light,’ every being on the planet and throughout the cosmos must begin creating Good – not asking for love or for anything else, just creating Good.  
“Get involved in the creative process, which eliminates personality, eliminates ego, and eliminates identity.  That is the greatest thing that can happen for all of us.  I know that each person wants to keep his identity, his ego, and the fear of losing it or having it die is beyond comprehension.  But eventually, through the spiraling activity within us, we come to the death of personality, the death of ego, and at that moment, Life begins.  There is no longer evolution. There is Beingness.”
If you find these insights from Jim to be inspiring, you might want to try a prayer such as this: “Thank you, God, for the Spiral of Life.  Thank you, God, for this Spiral, drawing us ever nearer to Thee, to Thy Light, to our merging back into Thee and Thy Light and Love.  And as we merge back into Thee, we create Good.  We create Good in all of Creation, that everyone and everything may be One with Thee, One with Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy Peace, Thy Beauty, Thy Joy.  Thank you, God, for making it so, for bringing all of us along on this Spiral of Life, and for merging us back into Thee.”
Love and Light,