Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure spoke over and over again about the perils of separation. He said it was a most fundamental mistake – to conceive of ourselves as being separate from anything. And yet, “All of us think we are separate and distinct from everyone else. All of us think we are different.”

But the great gurus have said that we are not separate. “The Bible says that God is Light; God is Love; God is Spirit; and God is Truth. It also says there is no place that God is not. That means God is everywhere present – in me, in you, in everyone and everything – inseparable.”

The remedy, according to Jim, was to merge – to merge with everyone and everything. “In order to be the Light of the world, you have to have the whole world in you. That means everyone and everything….Merge your Divine consciousness with that of everyone else! Everyone should be inside of you – total Oneness, total Love, total Light. We are made in the image and Likeness of the Divine, which means we must love.. We must love everyone – the drunk, the mentally incapacitated, the hurt, the sick, and the well.”

So, during this Saturday’s prayer, let us merge.

You might want to try prayers such as:

I merge with the air that surrounds me. I merge with everything in the room where I sit – with the furniture, with the floor, with the walls, with the ceiling, with the windows. I merge with the home in which I live.
I merge with all of my loved ones.
I merge with all family members and friends who have passed on.
I merge with all of my friends.
I merge with all who are not my friends.
I merge with all those towards whom I feel aversion, resentment, or anger.
I merge with the city in which I live.
I merge with the country in which I live.
I merge with planet Earth.
I merge with everyone and everything on Earth.
I merge with all that is.

Love and Light,