Dear Light Group,

What draws many people to a spiritual path is a desire to know the truth. They have questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is reality?
If they pursue spirituality energetically, they may be confronted with a need to unlearn what they’ve been taught in their childhood. In one of his more illuminating lectures–entitled “Myths and Misunderstandings”– Jim Goure did just that. He identified a dozen myths and misunderstandings about God, life, and spirituality. A common one, Jim said, was that people pray to a god who is a man with white hair and a scepter in one hand (to reward us) and a sword in the other (to punish us). But the Bible says that God is Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit. If these attributes of the Divine are omnipresent, then they cannot be concentrated in one entity.  
Jim also debunked the common belief that there is a pathway of Light. His take was that there is no pathway: the Light is now.  
In a similar vein, he said that the Second Coming is misunderstood. He said the true Second Coming is the coming of Divine consciousness in each one of us.  
Maybe the trickiest part of that Second Coming is not allowing our egos to get in the way. Believing that the Divine resides within you can be heady stuff that feeds the ego big time. The challenge is to simultaneously be everything and nothing. Nothing, as in no ego. Everything, as in being Divine.  
Jim believed that it is a great time of growing on planet Earth and that it is time to get rid of misunderstandings. Let us make our contribution to that through our prayers this Saturday.  
You might want to try prayers such as, “I release all of my preconceptions about God to the Light. I release my ego to the Light. There is only Truth. There is only Light. There is only Love. There is only Peace.”
You might want to conclude with, “I create true concepts all over Earth” and “Thank you, God, for the accomplishment of Thy Light on planet Earth.”
Love and Light,