Dear Light Group,

Living abroad, I become ever more deeply convinced that America is the indispensable nation. If we want a world that is free, just, fair, peaceful, and prosperous, then America must be strong, free, just, and prosperous. The others are not up to the task or are actively undermining the values we cherish.

Mid-term elections are a month away. Whatever your political persuasion, let us pray that the Light will guide the voters.

Here are some prayers you might want to try:

• God bless America.
• Thank you, God, for filling all Americans with Thy Light and Thy Truth. Let Thy Light and Thy Truth guide the way Americans vote. 
• Thank you, God, for guiding the leaders of America. May the government of America rest on the shoulders of the Christ.
• Thank you, God, for filling all nations and all peoples with Thy Light and Thy Love. May Thy Peace, Joy, and Love fill the hearts of all people.

Love and Light,