Dear Light Group,

With the start of the new year, we tend to think of new beginnings: a fresh start, New Year’s resolutions, a new life.  

But it can also be a great time to remember that which never changes, that which is everlasting: the Divine.  It can be a great time to remember what life is all about, the return to the center, the return to that Divine essence within each one of us.  

The attributes of the Divine are many fold, so the nature of the Divine essence can vary from individual to individual.  One person might manifest Divine Love while another manifests Divine Peace, and so forth.  

Let us give thanks for that Divine essence this Saturday.  You might want to begin with yourself: “Thank you, God, for Thy Divine essence manifesting through me.”  Then you might have a similar prayer for each of your loved ones: “Thank you, God, for Thy Divine essence manifesting in __________ [my father, my mother, my sister, my brother].”  

You can keep expanding the prayer by including friends, co-workers, people in the news, leaders of countries, and so forth.  You could even given thanks for the Divine essence being manifested by Earth itself.

You might want to conclude with a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for Thine essence in everyone and everything.”

And with that, may you have a blessed, fulfilling year, manifesting your Divine essence at all times and in all places!

Love and Light,