Dear Light Group,

The most fundamental inspiration for United Research and what it stands for may come from the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus said, “Ye are the Light of the world.”  
Jim Goure defined being the Light of the world as this: “It means being able to recognize and hold to and declare Light –in every person and in every thing and in the earth and throughout Earth.”  
On the surface, this appears simple and straightforward.  It does not require that we accomplish anything in the outer world. We don’t have to run for public office and change the world that way. It does not require that we go to a deprived or depraved part of the world and change the lives of people there. It only asks that we recognize, hold to, and declare Light.  What could be simpler than that?
But it turns out to be more difficult than it appears. It is so easy to get caught up in our own worlds–our worlds of work and family, of loved ones and their challenges, of our own preoccupations. We can get so preoccupied with establishing credentials for ourselves, with entertaining ourselves, with creating a story about who we are and with surrounding ourselves with things and people that affirm that story. This may be a wonderful story: it may fulfill all of our aspirations for ourselves. But it’s still just a story, and stories eventually fall away.
The Light is that which the great mystics and spiritual masters have told us is permanent. The Light– rather than our preoccupations–is what they have told us should be our focus.
Being the Light of the world means more than saying prayers for Earth. That does something for the world, but it has the effect of putting the world “out there,” separate from us.
Being the Light of the world means merging so fully with the world that we know and feel everything going on in that world. In so doing, we feel everyone and everything calling out for Love.We know that we have the power of the Creator to fulfill those needs. We know that the Creator within us has the power to Divinely Love the whole planet. When Earth is held in the Divine Love that is within us, then we are the Light of the world.
To get into this consciousness of being the Light of the world, you might try putting your home or apartment in a bubble of Light. Then move that bubble into your Light center (your solar plexus). In so doing, you can know that everything in your home–the walls, the furniture, the people– is calling out for just one thing: Love. You will know that you must fill your home and everything and everyone in it with Love. Not with human love but with Divine Love, from the Creator within you.  
Once you are in touch with that urge to give Divine Love, move on to put your city in a bubble of Light within you, followed by the state you live in, then the nation, and then the planet.  
In filling Earth and everyone and everything on it and within it and around it with Divine Love, you will feel fulfilled and you will know the Joy of the Divine, the Joy of being the Light of the world.
Love and Light,