Dear Light Group,

We tend to think of peace as meaning the absence of war between nations.  
But Jim Goure had a different starting point for talking about peace.  He noted that people tend to be in turmoil; he saw the lack of peace as being within ourselves.  
Inner peace, he said, is one of the joys of existence.
Jim said that Jesus had so much inner peace that he was never in a hurry – not even when his friend Lazarus was sick and dying.  Jesus knew that the power of the Divine could take care of everything.
Jim’s view was that the same holds true for us: the power of the Divine can take care of everything.  So relax.  Be at Peace.  God is here.  All things are possible with God, all things.
Jim said, “I don’t care how deeply into trouble you are, the Divine can get you out of everything.  And one of the steps is Peace – letting go and letting the Creator do it.  Just as Jesus said, ‘I don’t do anything: the Father does it all,’ we also don’t have to do a thing.  We let the Divine, the Creator do it.  And immediately we have Peace – immediately.”
To get us into this spirit of Divine Peace, you might want to try a prayer such as, “I let go of all my worries.  I let go of all that troubles me.  I let go of all my inner turmoil.  The Divine is here now.  The Divine is working through me.  The Divine is working through me for the good of everyone.  I let go and let the Divine do it.”
Love and Light,