Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure was a man with a vision, and he was highly energized to make that vision happen.  The vision was to bring about the New Heaven and the New Earth promised in the Bible.  For that to happen, much needed to change.

Jim perceived that huge changes were occurring: “All the traditions are now being broken so that we are free to begin to be the creators that we’re supposed to be.”

Certainly a number of the traditions that I grew up with have been broken.  America is a very different country and the world is a very different place from the one I experienced in the 1950s and 1960s.  

I question whether it has been a good thing for so many of our traditions to have been broken, especially ones related to values and virtues.

But whether we like what we see or not, this much-changed world forces us back on ourselves, forces us inward to the core of what we believe to be true, compels us to live our most firmly held truths. 

One of those truths – and it’s one that I struggle with – is that it’s all for the glory of God.  When Jesus saw a man who had been blind from birth, his disciples asked him, “Who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”  Jesus answered, “Neither hath this man sinned nor his parents but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”  And then Jesus healed that man.

So the lesson is that we should let go of our judgments about changes in the world and focus on the works of God, which in our case means creating Good.  

To get in that spirit, you might want to try a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for freeing me.  Thank you, God, for freeing me from traditions that have bound me to the past.  Thank you, God, for freeing me from judgment.  Thank you, God, for freeing me to see Thy glory in all things.  Thank you, God, for freeing me to see that Thou art in all things and all people.  Thank you, God, for the Light within my Light center.  Thank you, God, for my Light center, for this center of my universe.  Thank you, God, for the Good that radiates from this center.  Thank you, God, for this Good, radiating out, expanding the Good for the betterment of all.  Thank you, God, for this Good, radiating out, for Thy greater glory.  Amen.”

Love and Light,