Dear Light Group,

Feeling love from another makes the going down a lot easier.  Life can be harsh, and feeling that others hold a warm place in their hearts for us makes the rough moments easier to bear. 

We get in trouble, though, when everything we do is designed to get love from others.  If what we expect is a love exchange, if our expectation is, “I’ll give you love, but I expect love in return,” then we have set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. 

A way out of this dilemma is to let go.  Let go of our expectations.  Let go of our desires.  Let go of our personalities.  Let go of everything. 

Perhaps none of us wants to do that.  And even if we do want to do it, can it be done?  Is our conditioning so firmly hardwired that it is virtually impossible to let go?

One way of viewing the first step of the Effective Prayer (“I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, and loved ones to the Light”) is that it is about letting go. 

The promise has been that if we let go of all this human stuff, then we will know the Divine.  And God, we have been told, is not an individual being.  God is Love.  That Love is within us and within everyone else and within every thing. 

So rather than praying to something outside of ourselves and rather than looking to other humans for love, we worship the Divine Love that is within all.  Once we get into that consciousness, the notion of a love exchange with other humans and the hurts and disappointments that can accompany such an expectation simply evaporates. 

What remains is a knowing that the Love we seek is within us and that we, in fact, are that Love. 

If you would like a prayer to delve more deeply into this consciousness, you might try: “Thank you, God, for Thy Love, for Thy Divine Love flowing forth from Thy center in me to everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for Thy Divine Love being present in everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for the flow of Thy Divine Love from everyone and everything to everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for making it so.  Amen.”

Love and Light,