The Effective Prayer will be taught by Leslie Cotney at 1pm on the following Sundays.
April 14th;   May  19th ;     Jun 9th;    July 14th;   
Aug 11th;  Sep 8th;   Oct 13th;   Nov 10th;   Dec 8th

Jim Goure, co-founder of The Light Center wanted to develop a short, simple prayer that anyone could use and that could be memorized easily. Above all else, it had to be effective. It had to be a prayer that got results. 

Over the years, this prayer acquired several names: The Effective Prayer, The Seven Steps to Effective Prayer, the Light Prayer, and oftentimes simply “the prayer.”

Dr Leslie Cotney has been using The Effective Prayer for decades and was present at The Light Center during the years Jim Goure taught the Prayer to thousands. Leslie will offer a clear and easy introduction on using The Effective Prayer as a transformative tool for your life, your friends and families lives, and the planet as a whole.

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1. I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships and loved ones, self-image, future, human desires, sex, judgment, communications, money, and concepts of religion to the Light.

2. I am a Light being.

3. I radiate the Light from my Light center throughout my being.

4. I radiate the Light from my Light center to everyone.

5. I radiate the Light from my Light center to everything.

6. My whole being is in a bubble of Light and only Light can come to me and only Light be here.

7. Thank you, God, for everything, for everyone, and for me.