Come and enjoy a gentle, traditionally taught Yoga experience. A true “work-in” which emphasizes moving slowly, moving with awareness, and moving with your breath.

The word “Yoga” literally means Union…..
……………………………..Union of Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Karen Barnes leads this weekly Gathering on
Wednesdays from 10:30am until 11:30am

Wear comfortable clothes and please bring a Yoga mat or towel.  A yoga block and yoga strap are highly recommended to further enhance your practice.

All levels welcome!

Karen Barnes, is a licensed Lymphatic Therapist and has been certified in the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga since 1993.

Suggested Offernt: $12


Karen Barnes has been certified in the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga since 1993.

“Karen Barnes was my very first yoga instructor and set the bar for all the others to follow. I’m looking forward to going again to her renewed classes at the Light Center. The space is awesome and the yoga is challenging without being overdone. After attending Karen’s yoga class, I always feel that I’ve done something really good for myself.” ~ Pat Pau

“Karen’s approach to teaching and her calm, joyful presence make her yoga class a highlight of my week. She brings ample expertise, but just as important, she brings a warm heart and welcoming manner that puts participants instantly at ease. Her classes are challenging enough to be worthwhile without ever infringing on the wisdom of each person’s body and limits. Karen fosters a spirit of camaraderie among her students, as opposed to the competitive spirit that can sometimes creep into yoga classes and detract from the experience.” ~ Carol Cole Czeczot