The Light Center is moving forward into the future
with a bold vision for fulfilling the original
Mission and Vision of our non-profit to facilitate
personal and planetary transformation and 
deepening our identification with the Divine.   

The current visitor’s center was constructed in 1979 and has stood
as a beacon of light and hope and healing for the past forty years.   
Countless visitors from across the country and throughout the world
have visited the Light Center and found
strength, healing, and spiritual upliftment as a result
of the prayers and energy which have engulfed this sacred land and building.

The Prayer Dome is a central feature of The Light Center.
  This geodesic dome was built in 1979 and has been home to a wide diversity
of  prayers, meditation, talks, and a wide variety of spiritual events.
After 40 years, the dome structure is showing it’s age.   
After years of repairs, resealing, and repainting,
the existing dome has outlived it’s functional life.

The Light Center is looking to the future with plans to replace the aging with a
new geodesic dome which will take us into the future
and preserve the rich heritage of prayer and meditation
and a variety of spiritually uplifting and enriching programs and events.

Further details  the fundraising efforts for this exciting new project
will be coming in the very near future

Check our website, newsletter, and Facebook page for the latest news
and for opportunities to be part of this exciting effort.