Join us on Sunday from 2 – 4 p.m. for American Healers Tour featuring Seth Monk and Shannon Fitzgerald. We are excited to offer a special healing event with these world renowned healers as they travel across the US. Seth is a former Buddhist monk turned Siddha Healer, who leads retreats, and holds group healing events.  Shannon is a former hospice nurse turned Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and a Youth Mindfulness Leader.

For this event, Seth will be anchoring the vibrations by building a crystal mandala with sacred geometry and will channel energies from the Siddha Master lineage, as Shannon gives hands on AromaReiki and Dimensional Grounding. Participants may lie down, relax, and receive the healing flows as each individual embarks on their own personal inner journey within the collective healing field. These group healing events open up a dimension that allow work on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, karmic, familiar, and situational levels.

Please bring a mat, pillow, and blanket to event!

Tickets: Advance $20; Onsite $25

Advance ticket price expired. Please register at door.