“The moment you awaken, start praying, establishing the day as a day of prayer, establishing your life as a life of prayer. The moment you awaken, command that your day be filled with Divinity and with Divine Life, and that the flow of Love and Light coming to you will be automatic and that it will create happenings for the good of all. When you first awaken, say, “God! What a wonderful day!”   Also establish your day upon awakening by saying, “This is a day of Good.” Then your day will be created from the Creator, just as when God said in the beginning, “Let there be Light,” and there was.

Immediately put a bubble of Light around yourself, including all of your bodies (your physical, astral, soul, and Christ bodies). Then put your whole day in a bubble of Light. Program your whole day as Light: “This day is filled with Light. My whole day is in a bubble of Light. I am in that bubble. All the people I relate with this day are in a bubble of Light. Therefore, all things are going to work beautifully and perfectly.”

As you go about your day, declare that you are Good, that your world is Good, that your pathway is Good. And thank God for making it so.

Do the Effective Prayer for yourself and your loved ones and for the planet. Establish at that moment that your whole day is a day of the Divinity in action, that everyone and everything you come in contact with is Divine.

Give thanks for your life. What greater praise or blessing can you have than that God has given you life? So every day, say, “Thank you, God, for my life, for being who I am, and for You in me.”

Pray that every decision you make during the day will be one of great joy for the benefit of all. So wherever you are and whatever you do, even things as simple as drinking water or going to the bathroom are a Divine happening.”

Leading a Life of Prayer by Jim Goure (pages 9-10)