How’s your vibe flowing lately? Any Spring-cleaning, weed-clearing or seed-planting needed?

Join us for a Sonic Meditation designed to induce states of deep relaxation and restoration of natural energies and increased “flow” in daily life
on Saturday April 20th and Saturday May 4th at 4pm. 

Spend the afternoon with us! Come early or stay after to enjoy all that The Light Center has to offer: nature trek and natural labyrinth, meditation rocks over creek, and the Light Room. 

Suggested Donation: All are welcome. $20-25 or other love donation.


Please remember to bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow if you would like to lay-down. Chairs are provided. 

Listening To Smile is a unique sound wellness/healing modality which utilizes uniquely created musical tones and frequencies to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Listening To Smile’s focus is to use the power of sound and vibration to target core issues in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, restoring personal balance and flow into everyday life. Listening To Smile believes that all music can be healing when used with the right intentions. Vibration of light and sound is in everything around us, down to the basic building blocks of life. When there is a block in energy, or a unbalanced energy present in the body, we often find dis-ease, stress, psychological suffering, addiction, and many other ailments. If there is a disruption of energy, we believe there is a frequency for that. A counter measure frequency that can be introduced to assist in the restoration of that energy.

Come restore your body, mind, heart and body flow! As you listen to the music the frequencies will encourage you to smile.

Participants are invited to  go out to supper together afterwards for further discussion and fellowship.

For more information on Listening to Smile unique music, click here.

Sounds (pun-intended!) interesting, but can’t make it? 

Contact Veronique about downloading music and vibing-up at home.

Veronique (860) 906-4141