Dear Light Group,

It certainly is true of the nation as a whole, and I suspect that it also is true of our Light Group: there are those who are elated at the election results and those who are shellshocked.

Whatever our individual reactions to the election are, let us remind ourselves of who we are: We are Light. We are the Light of the world. We are the Creator in action. We are free to create Light–in all that is.

A good place to start would be: “I am Light. I am Light. I am Light. This Light is free. This Light is free to create Good. I am free to create Good.”

We can further ground ourselves by declaring Divinity throughout our being: “My mind is Divine. My heart is Divine. My physical body is Divine. My emotions are Divine. My thoughts are Divine. My astral body is Divine. My soul body is Divine. I am Divine.”

You might take it a step further with a prayer of oneness: “I am One. This One is all that exists. I am in all things. I am in all that is. I create Life, abundant Life, in everyone and everything. I create Love in everyone. I speak deep within, ‘I love you.’”

Then visualize the different players in the election drama, and say, “I love you.” Visualize all the people you can think of and say, “I love you.”

By doing this, the love will flow, and with the love flowing, the healing will begin.

Love and Light,